Saturday, March 26, 2011

Table 1: Statins and Muscle Damage

Counts of the number of reviews where phrases associated with various symptoms related to muscles appeared, for 8400 statin and 8400 non-statin drug reviews, along with the associated p-value, indicating the likelihood that this distribution could have occurred by chance.
Side EffectStatin ReviewsNon-Statin Reviews P-value
Muscle Cramps 678 193 0.00005
General Weakness 687 210 0.00006
Muscle Weakness 302 45 0.00023
Difficulty Walking 419 128 0.00044
Loss of Muscle Mass 54 5 0.01323
Numbness 293 166 0.01552
Muscle Spasms 136 57 0.01849


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