Saturday, March 26, 2011

11. Concluding Remarks

Every individual gets at most only one chance to grow old. When you experience your body falling apart, it is easy to imagine that this is just due to the fact that you are advancing in age. I think the best way to characterize statin therapy is that it makes you grow older faster. Mobility is a great miracle that cholesterol has enabled in all animals. By suppressing cholesterol synthesis, statin drugs can destroy that mobility. No study has shown that statins improve all-cause mortality statistics. But there can be no doubt that statins will make your remaining days on earth a lot less pleasant than they would otherwise be.

To optimize the quality of your life, increase your life expectancy, and avoid heart disease, my advice is simple: spend significant time outdoors; eat healthy, cholesterol-enriched, animal-based foods like eggs, liver, and oysters; eat fermented foods like yogurt and sour cream; eat foods rich in sulfur like onions and garlic. And finally, say "no, thank-you" to your doctor when he recommends statin therapy.


Kasnar Burns said...

Hello Dr. Seneff: I've been finding your writings truly fascinating and illuminating -- offering musch food for thought. There's been a ton of upheaval in recent years regarding health and diet. I wondered if you ever considered recording a podcast show through something like iTunes. I found one podcast interview you had done with Living Low-Carb. And I've seen some of your appearances on YouTube. Thanks for your research and analyses.

John Lina said...

Hello Dr Seneff-
I have enjoyed your articles and podcast appearances. I have a question, Assuming that most wines are treated with sulfur dioxide gas as a preservative and to displace the small amount of room air present when bottled before corking, Is wine a significant source of sulfur ?